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New Raku Copper Matte Work

COPPER MATTE is a very temperature sensitive Raku glaze which if fired successfully results in a rainbow of colours from copper through purple, reds and blues to turquoise and almost gold.

Below is a small selection of my work in this glaze: vases, platters, bowls and fish, butterflies and and birds and leaves displayed in driftwood so both sides can be seen. For more selection visit my studio!

Raku is an exciting low fire technique where the pottery piece glazed in special glazes is heated to 1000 degrees C in a gas kiln in about 30 minutes.

The red hot pottery is then removed from the kiln using tongs and placed in metal reduction chamber containing combustibles – sawdust, newspaper and organic matter – leaves, pine needles and bark which instantly catches fire.

Jackie Warme Piece Jackie Warme Piece

The chamber is covered, causing a lack of oxygen and a “reduction” process occurs resulting in unpredictable metallic and crackle finishes. Any unglazed part of the piece turns black from the smoke and the resulting combination of shiny copper, iridescent colour and black can be stunning.

The reduction process can be partially controlled to produce copper or colours on the pottery but the end result is always a surprise and can be seen within 30 minutes when the piece has cooled.

Because of the low fire technique Raku is quite fragile and purely decorative, and CANNOT BE USED FOR SERVING FOOD .